Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)


Operating in the field of construction commitment, Kaynarca Pendik Tuzla (KPT) Metro Group considers Occupational Health and Safety as a corporate value and a fundamental human right and gives priority to the protection of health and safety in all its activities.

KPT Metro Group systematically evaluates all kinds of risks, dangerous situations and behaviors towards Occupational Health and Safety in all its activities and aims to eliminate hazards at their source and minimize risks in order to prevent injuries, mental and physical health deterioration by determining and implementing effective risk control methods.

In terms of Occupational Health and Safety, it accepts as a minimum responsibility to comply with the relevant national and international legislation and customer/specification requirements, to follow technological developments closely. It provides material and moral resources in creation of a healthy and safe working environment.

KPT Metro Group strives to create a prevention culture on the basis of taking responsibility and sharing in occupational health and safety practices in line with the mutual information exchange with the communication, training and incentive activities to be carried out with the employees, expert teams and all relevant parties.

All employees work as a team under the coordination of the management and ensure that the production is carried out on time and with high quality, within the framework of Occupational Health and Safety rules.

KPT Metro Group undertakes that, in all its activities related to the OHS Management System "its employees and employee representatives will participate and they will be consulted on all relevant and necessary issues".

KPT Metro Group conducts, reviews and develops Internal Inspection, Performance Measurement/Monitoring methods, reporting systematic and practices in order to achieve its Goals it has determined regarding Occupational Health and Safety, and aims to continuously improve the management system it has established.


KPT Metro Group, while carrying out its construction activities at the highest quality level within the scope of Kaynarca Pendik Tuzla Metro Construction Project, accepts as one of its basic principles to protect nature and the environment, not to harm them, during the activities it carries out in all project areas and at all stages of the project, together with its expert team and employees. In this context, in order to protect environmental health and continuously improve its quality in all project areas;

It systematically examines all its activities, all products and services that it supplies, designs, produces and uses, in terms of possible negative and positive effects on the environment, from a life-cycle perspective, and organizes its activities in a way that takes the necessary precautions in advance.

It complies with applicable environmental legislation, customer/specification requirements, and contractor internal procedures and rules.

Within the scope of the project, it organizes trainings to raise environmental awareness of its employees.

In all its activities, it takes and make others take the necessary precautions to protect natural assets and historical artifacts, not to adversely affect living life, and to prevent water, air, noise and soil pollution.

It aims at continuous development and improvement of the environmental management system and its applications by measuring the effectiveness with periodic inspections and controls.

It applies methods and ways of working to reduce the consumption of natural resources such as energy, water and paper, and carries out studies to reduce the amount of waste produced.

It evaluates all kinds of suggestions and complaints addressed to itself within the scope of the project and informs the public by taking the necessary measures.

This policy is being reviewed constantly to ensure its compliance.


Legally (OHS Law) Mandatory Trainings

20.621 MXH

Specific Trainings

  8.356 MXH

Tool-box Trainings

7.111 MXH

Field OHS Talks Conducted by Project Management

3.424 MXH

KPT Metro personnel were given 16 hours of Basic Occupational Safety training before starting work. The training of the employees whose 1 year is over has been completed, which must be repeated once a year in the very dangerous class.

Every month, specific trainings were organized considering the working conditions of that month - new work items, and it was ensured that the employees were informed about safe working conditions in their work.

In addition, new tool-box training topics were prepared and published to expert teams in order to inform the employees by evaluating the risks for new work items. In 2021, 167 tool-box topics were prepared.

Total 26,135 MxH given since the beginning of the project

Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Information Management Reporting Tracking System (İBYS-RTS)

İBYS-RTS: It carries the implementation and traceability of the KPT Metro Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management System in all its projects to the electronic environment, and provides rapid access to up-to-date information and reporting, and creates data for the measures to be taken specific to the project in the light of the statistical data to be generated by ensuring that field inspections are carried out quickly and effectively. Moreover; Data can be transferred to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.


Daily field determinations were made via the Expert Team IBYS-RTS system, and all kinds of notifications (SMS, E-Mail, etc.) were made. In addition, reports were received from the İBYS system and reported to the companies via e-mail. For the open OHS-Environment field determinations, the company officials were notified and called to the head office, and the field determinations were recorded with a wet signature.

These Field determinations were followed by the İBYS-RTS system. In 2021, 2,818 Field Determinations were made.